Monday, 22 June 2009

My shortest weekend

What a weekend it was! If things were normal I would have watched Sebastian Vettel winning the British Grand Pre and Pakistan winning the Twenty Twenty cricket, but I did neither. I had a 5 hour journey back home on Friday. At least 14 hours of cleaning and packing to do both on Saturday and Sunday. I couldn’t cope with the 5 hour journey back to work this morning. I stopped the car half way through my journey and had a little nap before continuing. Fortunately I didn’t have too much to do at work.

I am not regretting too much about the hectic weekend because I am doing a house move this weekend to a place very close to my work place. So, from next week onwards I will be living within 2 miles from work and get to see my family every day. More importantly I will have the time to do my GMAT and the essays. I am guaranteed to have this set-up for the at least the next 5 months (because that is how long I have the contract).

I was thinking about the championship so far with Formula 1 this season. It’s amazing for a team that had no funding secured until the last minute and who were under dogs last season to come back and win 6 out of 8 races so far this season and leading the championship. Last season, If you had asked me to describe Ross Brawn in one word, I would have either said Successful or arrogant. I now haven’t got a word to describe him. He is great! Having said that, I am now slowly losing my interest in F1. This week we saw the defending world champion Lewis Hamilton finishing at 16 and the team that was bottom of the table last season leading the championship by a big margin. This has proved one thing which is that the drivers in F1 have very little to do in the race. As a spectator I want to see a race between drivers. I can understand the race between Hamilton and Kovalainan, between Button and Barrichello and between Vettel and Webber, but is there a race between Hamilton and Button for example. The answer is No. In reality the race is between the engineers of McLaren and Brawn GP. Can I watch the race between the engineers? No. Is that entertaining to me? No. I do appreciate that Brawn GP engineers have done a great job by producing the best car this year, but I don’t really enjoy the race when their drivers are more than half minute in front of rest of the crowd. I think this successful sport needs some serious thinking to keep its big fan base. FIA and Fota needs to stop the infighting and look at things like these.

I think the race last season was more enjoyable because there was a championship potential for Massa , Raikkonen, Hamilton and Kubica and also Alonso scored maximum points from the last 6 races. I hope other teams will catch up with Brawn like Red Bull did this week and make F1 interesting.

Sorry for boring with my F1 interest/ loss of interest. I promise my next post will be more towards MBA and GMAT.

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