Saturday, 20 June 2009

My preference list for schools

Today I have been thinking about the schools at which I want to do my MBA. I came up with the below schools.

1. ISB
2. LBS
3. Said - Oxford
4. Judge - Cambridge
5. IMD
6. Insead

The reasons are quite simple.

I currently live in the UK , but looking for the right opportunity to go back to my home country, India . ISB will definitely help to do that, but the scariest thing is it has mostly young kids in its class!

By continuing to live in the UK , I can avoid the relocation and be with the family. Naturally LBS, Oxford and Cambridge will help.

I am considering IMD and Insead because the number of students they have in my age group is high. At least fellow students won’t call me Uncle D.

These are my preferences at the moment, but things are likely to change as I continue to research.

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StuckInALoopHole said...


What happened to b-school plans? and to the GMAT?
waiting to know more, read more!

- A struggling fellow applicant